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Pre Construction

Pre Construction Services

What happens when you begin to meet with us to design your new home or Renovation?

What information will we need from you, and when will you need to make the decisions.

The following is a brief outline of the design process leading up to the construction of your Project.

Stage One: Pre Design

-Client meets with BARBINI to assess scope of design work to be undertaken by BARBINI (including or excluding lighting layout, built in cabinetry, landscape features, co-ordination with speciality consultants, etc)

-Clients meet with BARBINI to discuss design programme, number of rooms and spaces required, special facilities, functions or construction methods required, materials, styles, etc.

- Clients discuss requirements of other consultants to be retained, (i.e. architect, structural engineers, surveyors, soils engineers, landscape architects, grading and drainage consultants, mechanical contractors, kitchen companies, etc.

-BARBINI will assess the possibilities and potentials of the site and the requirements, and makes recommendations on whether other municipal processes may be required (i.e. Committee of Adjustment, Site plan approval, etc.)

Stage two: Concept Design

-BARBINI prepares preliminary concept plan drawings incorporating design elements as outlined with Clients.

-Clients review concepts and comment on layout as shown.

-BARBINI makes modifications and revisions based on feedback from Clients, until the Clients and BARBINI are satisfied that the best and most appropriate layouts have been achieved.

-BARBINI prepares concept elevations based on approved layout of proposed project, while making slight modifications as required to suit the elevations.

-Clients review elevation concepts and provide input and feedback to BARBINI

-If other municipal processes are required, applications may be made at this stage if it is possible to do so at this point.


Stage Three: Design Development

-Upon finalization and approval of the concept drawings by the Clients, BARBINI begins developing the design in greater detail, which includes study sections through the house, detail sections, preliminary structural layout, mechanical system allowances, material specifications and co-ordination with consultants

-BARBINI may, at the request of the Clients, undertake a preliminary cost Budget, based on design development documents for rough figures of construction costs and Project timeline. This will assist the Clients to determine whether the work contemplated is within their financial considerations or   reductions or revisions may be necessary or if certain aspects of the proposed construction may be performed in stage or phases (i-e landscape elements, etc)


Stage Four: Construction Documents and City Permitting Applications.

- Upon finalization of design development drawings approved by the Clients, BARBINI begins production of construction documents, which will incorporate site plan requirements, structural designs and detailing, mechanical system allowances, exterior material specifications, construction notes and all required drawings and documents for building permit applications.


Stage Five: Construction Stage and Interior Design Process

- Working from the Permit Drawings, BARBINI will begin developing and provide with approvals from Client all Interior Design drawings and specifications including and not limited to trim and moulding details, window details, built in cabinets, ceiling details, lighting layouts, room finish schedule, general interior design specifications and other related documents for construction pricing on a construction tender basis.

- BARBINI will begin construction when all permits are issued by the City and will proceed with approvals from Client.

Leaders In Green Building

The Green Building initiative is clearly an idea whose time has come. Purchasers are demanding better quality sytems in their homes and the most prestigious mechanical, electrical and heat systems are all being developed to also meet the new green or environmentally conscious standards. The building industry is responding with superior products and new building protocols that mitigate the higher costs of energy, the threat of water shortages and the effect of greenhouse gases on the environment.

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Our Team

We are a group of professionals committed to making your project a success.
We pride ourselves on having a well-rounded team who is experienced in every phase of your project.

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Customer Feedback

Every detail of design and function was carefully considered and the result is a home that is a pleasure to live in everyday.


We just finished the project and have recently moved in and we can honestly say that we enjoyed the process from beginning to end.

Mary Lee Keefe & Guy Manuel

The layout of the rooms, the classic yet clean styling, the top-of-the-line materials, and the attention to detail were all immediately apparent the first time we saw this home.

Stephen Morrison

Your attention to a very elegant detailed design and quality throughout has put it in the forefront of new construction in Toronto.

J.H. Whiteside

His design truly anticipated our needs and the way we wanted to live in each of our homes.

N. W. Bud Purves