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Homes and Cottages - Great Expectations

Homes and Cottages - Great Expectations

November, 2017

A new baby on the way spurred the renovation of this Toronto Victorian home to create a family-friendly space that melds the best of old and new. 

Rather than leave the downtown neighbourhood they love in search of a larger home, the owners decided to renovate their approximately 1,300-square-foot home.
They gained valuable space by ensuring every inch is put to good use and that no space is wasted. They used their existing square footage to its best advantage. “They customized the home to their wants,” says contractor Amedeo Barbini. 

The homeowner is a designer who works for a commercial design company, a bonus because “the more clients understand about the process and construction, the more their expectations are realistic,” he says. The homeowner created the drawings for the project, and chose colours and products she wanted. 

The all-important kitchen and bathrooms were renovated and more usable family space was ‘recaptured’ by including the square footage offered in an enclosed back porch. 

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Customer Feedback

Every detail of design and function was carefully considered and the result is a home that is a pleasure to live in everyday.


We just finished the project and have recently moved in and we can honestly say that we enjoyed the process from beginning to end.

Mary Lee Keefe & Guy Manuel

The layout of the rooms, the classic yet clean styling, the top-of-the-line materials, and the attention to detail were all immediately apparent the first time we saw this home.

Stephen Morrison

Your attention to a very elegant detailed design and quality throughout has put it in the forefront of new construction in Toronto.

J.H. Whiteside

His design truly anticipated our needs and the way we wanted to live in each of our homes.

N. W. Bud Purves