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Green Building

Green Building

Interested in Green Building?

You're not alone.

New Green Building practices offer and opportunity to create environmentally sound and resource 

The new Green building practices offer an opportunity to create environmentally sound and resource consumption-efficient buildings by using an integrated approach to design. Green buildings promote resource conservation by including design features such as energy efficency, use of renewable energy and water conservation. In turn this focus creates healthier and more comfortable environments, reduces ongoing operation and maintenance costs, considers environmental impacts of building construction and retrofit and concentrates on waste minimization. In short, Green buildings operate better and offer healthier environments in which to live.

Do Homeowners really care about Energy Efficiency?

An independent survey of 1,530 home buyers of new low-rise homes in the Greater Toronto and Ottawa- Carelton regions revealed the following views.

84% of residents said that energy efficiency is important to them
90% said their next home will be an energy-efficent one
89% believe that builders should build energy efficient homes as the standard
80% strongly agreed that paying up-front for energy efficiency is worth it
50% said they had already purchased an energy-efficient home
In general the survey revealed that purchasers are ready and willing to pay for energy efficiency.

How Satisfied are Owners of Green Homes?

A recent US survey conducted by NAHB and McGraw Hill Construction screened out those who had purchased green homes revealed they are more satisfied and highly motivated by cost savings. It found:

63% of buyers are motivated by the lower operating and maintenance costs that come with energy- and resource- efficient homes

50% say they are motivated by environmental concerns and their family's health

These same buyers report they are extremely satisfied with their investment and 85% say they are happier with their new green home than their previous, more traditionally built home.

Is Green Building more Expensive?

Green homes are just slightly more expensive to build primarily because they incorporate better systems, feature higher quality insulation factors and use superior building materials. These same elements also make them more economical to operate in terms of maintenance, water consumption and energy consumption.

Two reports from different industry authorities found that from this perspective it's both more profitable and financially responsible to be environmentally aware and build green.

" While the the environmental and human health benefits are widely recognized, this comprehensive report confirms that minimal increases in upfront costs of 0 - 2% to support green design will result in lifecycle savings of 20% of total construction costs - more than 10 times the initial investment. In other words an initial upfront investment of $100,000 to incorporate green building features into a $5 million project would result in savings of $1 million in today's dollars over the life of the building. "

Aileen Adams, Secretary of State and Consumer Affairs for the state of California quoting from The Costs and Financial Benefits of Green Buildings report.

" We are now at the point where you can build to LEED standards and it is not one penny more expensive than conventional buildings. We are more experienced now. We have a proliferation of green building products and services from which to choose. "

Rick Fedrizzi, CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council as quoted in the Miami Herald.

Please see bellow a video on Better then Code approach to Green building practice and consumption-efficient homes:

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Customer Feedback

Every detail of design and function was carefully considered and the result is a home that is a pleasure to live in everyday.


We just finished the project and have recently moved in and we can honestly say that we enjoyed the process from beginning to end.

Mary Lee Keefe & Guy Manuel

The layout of the rooms, the classic yet clean styling, the top-of-the-line materials, and the attention to detail were all immediately apparent the first time we saw this home.

Stephen Morrison

Your attention to a very elegant detailed design and quality throughout has put it in the forefront of new construction in Toronto.

J.H. Whiteside

His design truly anticipated our needs and the way we wanted to live in each of our homes.

N. W. Bud Purves