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Form, Function, Beauty

The interplay of function, form and beauty has always held a fascination for Amedeo Barbini. Each project he designs and builds represents a unique combination of the three elements based on his clients' priorities and sensibilities, all underpinned by Barbini's vision for the site and the structure.

"Our approach to design and building is to create an environment that is simple and direct in its function while sacrificing nothing in the realm of beauty. Whether it be the materials used, the spatial proportions, the hierarchy of millwork or the design of the flow in the living spaces, ultimately function must prevail to satisfy and enhance the unique way each client wants to live in their home. That's a challenge we enjoy - understanding a client's needs and making it all work exactly for them. That means our clients are usually quite involved throughout the process. Respect and integrity are how we ensure we get it right for them.

One result we've experienced is when clients have lived in their home for a while and call to tell us they've just noticed a detail or an aspect of function that they love. We call it our layered approach - design that may not be readily apparent at first but that continues to reveal itself over time."

- Amedeo Barbini

Customer Feedback

Every detail of design and function was carefully considered and the result is a home that is a pleasure to live in everyday.


We just finished the project and have recently moved in and we can honestly say that we enjoyed the process from beginning to end.

Mary Lee Keefe & Guy Manuel

The layout of the rooms, the classic yet clean styling, the top-of-the-line materials, and the attention to detail were all immediately apparent the first time we saw this home.

Stephen Morrison

Your attention to a very elegant detailed design and quality throughout has put it in the forefront of new construction in Toronto.

J.H. Whiteside

His design truly anticipated our needs and the way we wanted to live in each of our homes.

N. W. Bud Purves